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Fēnix reviewed by DaveinOlyWA

Dave Laur, a long-time Leaf advocate, a voice for EV in general and avid blogger has generously taken the time to get to know Fēnix and write about us.  We're painfully aware of how early we've made our Leaf announcement and the need for more details for our customers, but we had a great conversation with Dave and shared a bit more with him than we can with the public in general.  And his review and assessment of us looks quite fair and highlights some of the questions and hesitations we're seeing this early in the product release.  One thing…
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Press Release, Announcing C5, Leaf Pack, and BaaS Products

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fēnix Power announces the development of a new “Fēnix Battery as a Service” model for Electric Vehicles, and available in 2019 for Nissan Leaf and other EV Models. Hendersonville NC, September 25, 2018. Fēnix Power Inc. is announcing that it is developing a new “Fēnix Battery as a Service” implementation for the Electric Vehicle Market. The intent is this new technology service will be available for original EV implementations and Battery replacement capability.”, states John Bysinger, CEO of Fenix Power Inc. Fēnix Power, an EV focused startup originated out of Seattle, Washington, has recently relocated to the…
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Fēnix Power is going through some changes

After two years of learning from our customers, studying the power and EV markets, seeking advisors and investors, we're getting ready for some big changes.  What you see here, on our new website is a new focus on power and energy.  While this may seem like a big pivot for us, surprisingly our core idea included these uses from inception. Launching a startup is always a learning experience, and for Fēnix Power, this learning was hunting our first customer opportunity.  Seeking the right fit for the product to launch and take hold is what we've been doing.  We initially started with…
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