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Referral Program Update

For our valued Fēnix Power reservation holders, we provide referral rewards that you can share with friends and family interested in joining the Fēnix family. If this is the first you have heard of this, you can find out more here:

Fēnix Power Referral Rewards

We have not changed the terms or levels of our rewards program, but have found a problem with our auto-generation script that creates referral codes for our valuable reservation holders. It seems that a code update two months ago is no longer compatible with the code generation tool we were using and a completely new solution will need to be developed to restore that capability. And since we are working on a complete website revision with a new application framework, it simply doesn’t make sense to rebuild that system from scratch with a replacement on the horizon.

But! That does not mean our referrals program isn’t still active! Simply reply to your order email with “referral code request” in the body of the email reply, or contact us at [email protected] to request your referral code. We will get your unique referral code out to you right away. And remember, for each referral that becomes a reservation, you will earn one free month towards your battery subscription! We already have customers who have earned a year or more of free service through their referrals!

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Our ’empty cart’ bug is back…

While we work through solving this issue, here is a bit more information and what to do if you encounter this while placing a reservation:

The bug seems to be isolated to the Safari browser on IOS and OSX. After the Add to Cart selection is made, the refresh screen renders incorrectly with the empty cart notification at the top. If you scroll down the page you will see Go to Cart and Checkout selections. If you proceed to checkout you will see the reservation is actually in the cart and you should be able to proceed from there.

Let us know if you still encounter difficulty with the checkout process and we will do what we can to assist you.

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Thank You! To the EAA of SV!

Much earlier this year Ben of the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley invited our CEO, John Bysinger, to join their monthly meetings and give a presentation about Fēnix and our vision for the future of the Electric Vehicle. After a few scheduling delays and some venue challenges that EAASV were surprised by, John joined their June meeting this last Saturday and shared a bit of his background, the evolution of how Fēnix Power came to be, discuss our products and current state of the business. Additionally, Shehadeh Dajani, the CEO of our partner business ChargeShare was also able to attend and share a bit about his vision too.

John has asked me to share that he very much enjoyed meeting everyone at the Silicon Valley EAA, to connect with other EV enthusiasts, and answer questions they had about us, our products, and some very good discussion with people there about a variety of new, clean, next generation energy projects people were working on.

With the direction and momentum we’re enjoying currently, we’re certain that John will likely be able to visit EAA of Silicon Valley again someday and to catch up about us, and about the progress of the projects people shared with us.

We’re working with the people at the event to share recorded video from the presentation and hope to publish it to YouTube in the coming weeks as well, so watch for updates there!

If you are part of a local chapter of the Electric Auto Association, or any other clean energy, automotive club, other similar organization or school and are interested in having John Bysinger come join your meeting or event, let us know and we’ll do what we can to arrange it! You can contact us at [email protected] and be sure to include your group name and “invitation” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you about scheduling.

-The Fēnix Power team

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Our CEO visits Silicon Valley!

Hello Fēnix followers!

I’m John Bysinger, the founder & CEO of Fēnix, I’m about to head to the airport to go visit Silicon Valley this weekend. I’ll be presenting at the Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association meeting tomorrow, and will have some time between meetings to get out and meet some of you in person. I’m still working out the details of my schedule, but will be hunting for one or more good times and places to make myself available for in-person Q&A and to talk about the exciting future of Fēnix Power. Lots going on behind the scenes lately with some big announcements coming very soon. Follow us here or on your favorite social media platform, once I sort out when and where I will be, I will be sharing it across all of our social outlets. I think I may make at least one of the locations at a public charging spot, as I know many of you have a restricted range these days.


I’m at the Stanford Mall near Stanford U until 5:00 today, right across from the parking garage and it’s dozens of chargers I’ll be outside near PressedJuicery

-John Bysinger


I did have a few people stop by to chat about Fēnix, one follows us on twitter, another saw our post on Instagram. Neither were Leaf owners, but both drove EVs, so we had great conversations anyway! One drove a Smart EV and was curious if we planned on developing a battery for his car someday, and we do. So it was a good chance to talk about how we’re developing our pack and modules to be adaptable to a variety of vehicles and use cases. The cars we get asked about most often (in no specific order) are generally the cars referred to as California Compliance Cars like the Smart EV, the RAV4, the e-Golf, and a few others. Our goal is to support as many aging EVs as possible in the coming years, but for us to get to market and make the best use of our pre-revenue resources, staying focused on the Leaf gives us the highest odds of success.

Another reason for our focus on an adaptable design, is we believe our Battery as a Service subscription model will be attractive enough for some customers to choose us before their warranty runs out or before their batteries are horribly degraded. There are even some reservation holders who agree with this, our newest model year Leaf (that we know of) with a deposit is a 2015 that’s only lost 2 bars. With this in mind we may even expand our vehicle offerings to include cars like the Chevy Bolt, and yes even the Tesla S and X! I specifically didn’t list the Model 3 here as Tesla has done something different with the 3, there are quite a few non-battery components inside the pack housing in the 3. So offering a product for the 3 isn’t quite as simple as for the S or X. But regardless of the brand and model, we hope to provide a useful alternative for people who don’t want to give up the cars they love as their batteries age.

Thanks to both followers who showed up, and a quick apology about the short notice, we plan on doing more of this and will try to let everyone know much sooner!

-John Bysinger

Fēnix on CleanTechnica Fēnix News

Fēnix on CleanTechnica

This has been a great weekend for Fēnix! Thanks to a post on CleanTechnica Friday evening, we’ve enjoyed a huge flood of interest from their readers. And many of them decided to join us by placing their own reservation for LEAF battery solution and other products. We are very grateful for the exposure they’ve given us, and look forward to more conversations with the author Jennifer Sensiba as we progress.

We also very much enjoyed the conversations we had with people who connected with us directly with questions and stories about their EV experiences. And saw quite a few international LEAF owners wanting to know more about our plans outside of North America. Just a few of these include Spain, Belgium, Jordan, Sri Lanka, and even Aruba. This kind of feedback is very useful for us as we work to shape our plans for helping LEAF owners overseas.

I also want to extend this gratitude to all of those that just discovered us in the last couple of days as well as our fans and followers. Each of you is a reminder to us to continue towards our vision of keeping great cars on the road longer, and helping accelerate the inevitable transition of our transportation into an electric future.

Fēnix on CleanTechnica
Fēnix on CleanTechnica
Fēnix News

Fēnix Power goes International

Due to a high volume of interest from international customers for the Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement that we currently have in development, we have decided to open up reservations to countries outside of the United States and Canada. If you are in the U.S. or Canada, you should return to that product listing HERE.

If you are interested in making a reservation outside of the U.S. or Canada, you can do so here: International Deposit for Nissan LEAF Battery Solution.

Please read all of the below before placing an international deposit:

For customers in other countries that are interested in our Nissan LEAF battery pack replacement solution, we need to show our investors tangible customer interest in this solution. So at this time we are opening up reservations for countries outside of the U.S. and Canada. However, please finish reading prior to purchasing this reservation, as this reservation is NOT a guarantee that Fēnix Power will be bringing our battery solution to your country. If such time that Fēnix Power specifically decides against bringing our battery solution to your specific country, we will refund this deposit, less any processing fees specific to your country of origin.

This deposit is only to be a placeholder and a credit towards a future purchase of a Fēnix Power product. If Fēnix Power does bring it’s Nissan LEAF battery solution to your country of origin, those orders will be processed in the order this reservation is received within each country. We do not guarantee the order of the countries that we will release after the U.S. and Canada. All reservations will be processed prior to general sale in your specific country.

Reservations will be tracked on a per-country basis.  The order with which Fēnix Power brings it’s solution to countries outside of the U.S and Canada will depend entirely on local rules, regulations, shipping restrictions and service connectivity solutions.  A reservation is NOT a guarantee of a product delivery.  If we at Fēnix Power decide a specific country is not serviceable by our products, we will refund all orders for that country.  Due to testing and certification requirements, we are not guaranteeing a delivery or installation date at this time.  Please read this description in it’s entirety before placing your deposit. 

  • All deposits are based on a $50 US currency valuation.
  • The first 25 international deposits will be a reduced price of US$25, but will apply a US$50 credit towards a possible future purchase.
  • Offer subject to all local rules and regulations.
  • Contact us for clarification about your local market before making your reservation, please put “INTERNATIONAL” in the subject line of your email.
Messages from the Founder

Building a Startup

Hello everyone!

As the Founder of Fēnix Power, I thought I would take a moment to talk about what is going on behind the scenes here at Fēnix. I know many of you are excited about our progress, and we love sharing news with everyone, but unfortunately we can’t share everything. Instead I thought I could provide some insight into what it takes to do what we’re doing.

A quick bit of history, it has now been 4 years since I first started building Fēnix, and 3 years since I made my first investor pitch with a business plan. I learned a lot from that first pitch, and we haven’t stopped learning ever since then. While we knew we had an original idea that would certainly improve the EV space as a whole, we had to find the best place to prove our idea. That idea is our Battery as a Service solution, with it we address the high cost of the traction battery, and the high cost to replace it, along with effectively eliminating degradation concerns which in turn keep good cars on the road longer. We spent two years doing market, and customer research to find the right place to enter the market, one where customers truly need us. In that time, we had some successes, and we also had some failures. But those failures taught us more about our customers and the EV market as a whole, so we look at them as successes as well.

Our first pitch was to build EV conversion kits for Ford F-series pickup trucks, we saw a gaping hole in the available EVs and wanted to address that with our solution. But 3 years ago investors were skeptical that an EV truck was something people would even buy. However you, and I, know better! Just a quick look at EV news lately, with Rivian and the soon-to-be-revealed Tesla pickup, the demand is definitely there. So we took a step back and decided to focus solely on our battery solution, and tried to find a good product to launch with. We tried something much smaller than a truck, an EV “gas can”, a few kWh and a charger connection you can keep in your trunk for when you find that dreaded turtle on the dashboard. And we pitched a battery pack expansion solution that could fit in the trunk of a LEAF, and got some great responses and interest back, but investors thought the market was too small. (We’re still working on that expansion solution, customers who have our replacement pack installed will be offered that later!)

But the real winning solution is what you find here today: A replacement battery pack for aging Nissan LEAFs. We have had so many people reach out to us about it that it absolutely confirms we’re on the right track. And importantly, every reservation is proving to our investors that there is real demand for us in the market! Over the last several months, we have listened to each of you and your feedback on what we’re doing, and it all helps us fine tune our service.

Ok, so what does this all mean now? Where’s the peak behind the curtain? Well here is how all of that is important to our progress. I spend muchof my days contacting other businesses in the EV space, talking about what we’re doing and seeing if there are ways we can work together. I also reach out to investors to raise the capital needed to convert this growing startup into a full fledged business and all of the things associated with that: Supply chain, manufacturing, facilities, engineering, marketing, and everything else that makes a business function. In between all of those conversations, I’m working with our advisers and engineers to fine tune our solution and our business model. Modifying financial models, shaping our marketing plans, developing a social strategy, tweaking the physical and software architectures, and refining our message to each of you.

I want to look at that last point for a moment, refining our message. We have encountered a bit of confusion about our solution since it’s so different. So quite a bit of time is being spent on how to clarify it all before we begin a much heavier marketing push later. And if I could sum it all up into one key idea it’s this: We’re applying a Netflix model to your energy storage needs by building a cellular network for your batteries. This may sound strange, but for a moment, look at the device you’re likely using to read this post. Over the last decade we have turned phones into an amazingly powerful platform that enables new and exciting solutions and makes them available to everyone. We’re doing that with energy storage, making batteries smarter, and building the tools to take that data and make them work better for you. And like your smartphone that gets software updates, and every few years, hardware updates, so will your batteries. You’re not just buying a battery pack, you’re subscribing to a service that grows and improves over time.

We believe this is a very big idea in energy storage, one that goes beyond just packaging a bunch of cells into a box that fits in a car. To borrow again from that cell phone analogy, think of it like this: Batteries in EVs today are “1G” phones, the old flip phones that only made calls. We’re building a solution to bring the next generation and doing so in a way that more generations will follow. 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. So today it may look like we’re a LEAF battery business, tomorrow we’ll look like so much more.

Thanks to each of you who have reserved with us, and each of you who have subscribed to our mailing list or followed us on social media. It is YOUR numbers that are convincing investors that this vision needs to become reality.

-John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power

Fēnix News

Fēnix Power on TorqueNews!

We’re thrilled with the latest article on Fēnix Power covering our latest announcement about our partnership with ChargeShare. Al Castro of the Sgt Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog fame has written a very flattering article about us on TorqueNews! You can read his article here:

Fenix Power and ChargeShare Make a Game Changing Alliance for BEV Batteries and Public Charging Options

If you don’t know who Al Castro is, and you’re an auto enthusiast, EV enthusiast, enjoy informative information about law enforcement, or simply like having entertaining and informative posts in your feed, you really should follow him! His posts cover a wide variety of topics, and always entertain. You can find him through his various presence points online, listed below. Help us show him our appreciation by giving him a follow on your favorite social media platform!

Sgt Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog

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