Go Farther With Fēnix Power

Accessory Solutions

Universal Energy Storage, that’s the Fēnix Power goal.  Our storage products will be universal and able to be used anywhere you need energy.  At home, use them for your lawn mower, your trimmer, your edger, your leaf blower, your power tools.  Beyond just hardware, use them with a lantern for backyard cookouts, take them camping with you to recharge your devices.

We’re developing a small, easy to handle universal energy storage device, that stacks, and expands, and allows you to scale the storage for your energy need.  Our universal modules will allow for flexible energy storage sizes to fit your needs and your budget.  They’ll work in unison in your car, your home, your business, and later other portable power needs.

To make it truly universal we will be building a community of developers working on adapters to fit your use needs.  We will provide a universal energy storage dock that can be connected to an adapter that fits your hardware.  Our adapter will have an interface that is easy to design for.  Advanced users in the community may develop and build their own custom connection solutions.  These solutions will be available to print and build on your own, for your own needs.  Never worry about having different kinds of batteries, different kinds of gas, regular, or pre-mix for the 2-strokes, never worry that you forgot to charge, with your home storage array you will have dozens of energy modules ready to use, always.

It’s your energy, you choose how you want to use it.