Fēnix Power re-imagines Two Iconic Cars


C5 Corvette    Nissan LEAF

Two Great Cars

One Great Battery System

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Why a Nissan Leaf?

For 7 years the Nissan LEAF has consistently been the top selling Electric Vehicle on the road today.  It truly is an Icon of the American EV market, and the world over.  It set the standard for a new generation of cars.

This also means they’ve been around long enough for warranties to expire and batteries to wear down. It is the ideal starting point for the Fēnix Power battery system!

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Why a Nissan Leaf?
Why a Corvette?

Why a Corvette?

The Corvette is an American Icon.  For more than 50 years it has been the example of an American super-car, yet unlike it’s Italian competitors, it is within reach of the average hard working American.  New or old, the car stands out and turns heads as a classic from the day it drove off the showroom floor.  And for many, purchasing the car is the beginning of the journey, with shade-tree mechanics building them, modifying them, restoring them.  Putting their own sweat equity into the vehicle they love.

Fēnix Power embraces this hobbyist mechanic tradition.  One of our biggest goals is to enable those that love working on their cars to bring the vehicles they love into the next generation of technology and performance.  What better place to start than with the Chevrolet Corvette?

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Kits for the DIY mechanic

Fēnix Power believes in the Power of the Shade-Tree, DIY Mechanic.  All of our products will have a self-install option for people who want to do it themselves.

If your beloved Corvette or Nissan LEAF is starting to show it’s age and you are thinking it’s time to re-power your ride, consider Fēnix Power.

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We at Fēnix Power would love to hear from you.  If you're interested in our Corvette project, purchase a conversion, a kit, or simply follow our progress, tell us about your interest.  We may send email updates from time to time, with simple opt-out instructions.

If you're interested in a career with Fēnix Power, we would love to hear from you as well.  We are seeking a variety of employees, EV experience is NOT required!  We do insist that you are passionate about cars and driving, enthusiasts encouraged to contact us!

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