Go Farther With Fēnix Power

About Fēnix Power

Fēnix Power is a new kind of energy company.  Our products provide you more control and more ownership of your power needs in new and innovative ways.  

Imagine a world where the energy needed for your car, your home, your business is generated by you, owned by you, and managed by you.  No more power bills, no more paying at the pump, no more watching a market fluctuation, or increased tax, impact your budget and needs.

No more dirty energy, generate your own clean energy and store it for when you need it, and how you want to use it.  Right now clean energy is primarily wind and solar, both excellent forms of power generation, clean and environmentally friendly.  But they both have a problem, they are intermittent sources, not always generating energy when YOU need it most.  So that means storage.  To be energy self-sufficient you need good, reliable, easy to use, storage.

Fēnix Power is working on developing a new, innovative way of thinking about storage.  Rather than have large permanent batteries that are immobile and static.  We’re developing a product that allows YOU to move your stored energy to where you need it most.  And as your needs change and grow, your system can grow with you.  Perhaps you’re occasionally on the go, take more energy with you for the trip.

We’re going to put the power back into your hands.